Ana Adam - What's the forgotten thread that connects me to myself?
curator Ami Barak, with the support of Jecza Gallery Timișoara

ICR/RKI BERLIN - Reinhardtstraße 14, 10117 Berlin September 15-November 19, 2023

I go to the end of the world - Ana Adam, 2023, (65x142cm)

This exhibition is an introduction to the work and universe of Ana Adam and brings together works from the last five years of production. During this time the artist has not ceased to reinvent herself, developing a universe based on research into original myths, her relationship with the visible and the way she expresses the imprint of the body and its place in nature. The exhibition thus aims to highlight the relevance of a contemporary work, whose coefficients are both political and vibrant. Ana Adam is unique in her choices, and the subjects she tackles tend to be universal. Eros, in its feminine version, guides her, is the catalyst of her activity and the lever of her freedom. More than mere symbols of desire, the power of her traits serves to sublimate desires constantly hidden in real life.  The artist operates with notions such as femininity, power, fragility, appearance, change of form in an anhistorical gesture. She enacts the myths of a femininity wounded, lost but then recovered and empowered. Plants, fungi and animals serve as guides, and the role and destiny of the witches are completely rehabilitated. From these revelations we can take in endless details. 

What is the forgotten thread that binds me to myself? points to the relationship between the artist's introspective femininity and art as a vehicle for this inner journey. The thread of thread on one side and the virtual line of drawing on the other are the threads of Ariadne in mythology that draw you out of the ancestral labyrinth of a society that has ignored the feminine.  The artist draws and sews visual fairy tales and invents methods and points of view. The stories deal with power, recognition, her recuperative force and the taking over of this inner force that works as an exergue through which she tries to capture emotion in such a way as to dispose of it and make it appear as she pleases. In addition to ink drawings she also creates stitched drawings, the result of the informal weaving of threads of thread through fabric or paper, as another way of approaching drawing. Ana Adam's art is testimony to a transfigured reality, both fictional and rooted, to which she gives meaning. The artist who lives and works in Timișoara is without a doubt a revelation and for this reason, her promotion is more than a duty, a must.