The Danube dialogues - Statements of pure consciousness
Cultural Center of Serbia - Paris

Cultural Center of Serbia - Paris September 22, 2022


This exhibition brings together 8 artists from both sides of the Danube, mirroring the Danube Dialogues Festival which takes place every year in Novi Sad, Serbia and which for a number of years has invited artists from Timisoara and Romania to dialogue with artists from Novi Sad and Serbia.

Artists who, through their works and their approaches, emphasize the respect of the rules of art and an aesthetic and ethical system, which is necessary for society as a shield. It is about the committed artists, whose statements are precise but defined in a complex way: their art being the fruit of the conscience of their own mission and its value as the pure reason of the philosopher Emmanuel Kant exposed the sources and the possible conditions of a metaphysics.
It is this “pure consciousness” that characterizes the work of the artists presented in this exhibition.

SR – Mirjana Blagojev, Uroš Đurić, Tadija Janičić, Nataša Teofilović
RO – Ana Adam, Nona Inescu, Vlad Nanca, Pusha Petrov

Curators Ami Barak, Sava Stepanov

© Uroš Đurić