Quo vadis, Homini ?
Danube Dialogues

Novi Sad, Serbia September 8, 2020

Tatjana Danneberg, Sonnenbrand, 2019, gouache, ink-jet print, paint primer, glue on canvas

Quo Vadis, Homini? suggests concern for the status and existence of the man of today. That is why even in the moments of relativity of its own effectiveness and meaning, art remains a kind of human refuge and a "safe house" for the preservation of universal dialectical meaning. In such circumstances, the idea was to associate artists who live along this mythical river. 

Ami Barak was invited to join the curatorial enterprise of the central exhibition of the Danube Dialogues Festival and the concept at the origin is that of Vesna Latinovic, whose title paraphrases the original expression attributed to the apostle Peter “Quo Vadis Domine”. The artists, thus chosen, apart from their geographical links with the matrix river, ask themselves, in an even more acute way, the question which torments humanity nowadays to where we are heading and what awaits us, what would be the consequences of our actions. We remember that Jesus was going to Rome and he knew he was going to be crucified. Progress is no longer a safe haven, the world is fragile, on the verge of civilizational change: this is what worries us. Our society increasingly dependent on technology and which at the same time realizes that this technique no longer has any purpose. For a long time, we thought that the technique should ensure progress, especially in terms of health. Artists are transmitters. They make us think but in their own way and this may be the best way to address these concerns.

The Danube Dialogues Festival is a multimedia mosaic festival of visual arts taking place simultaneously in various galleries and alternative places in Novi Sad: paintings, sculptures, installations, artistic flags exhibition, video works, performances, workshops and a symposium... 

Ana Adamovic - Antal Lakner - Ivan Moudov - Oto Hudec - Pusha Petrov - Tatjana Danneberg