Peter Kogler - Synaptic

Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains April 18-July 9, 2023

Untitled_2022 ©PK

In this exhibition, the internationally renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler takes action from floor to ceiling, on walls and in space, creating an elaborate vision of the motif in space.

Form in its repetition and expansion, as well as the ease with which he is handling materials and their assumed modernity, are the keys to his approach. The title of the exhibition "Synaptic"refers to the synapse, the contact zone between two neurons that allows the transmission of an electrical signal. In Peter Kogler's iconography the brain plays a central role and at the same time the symbolic connections that his works bring to mind lead us to grasp the complexity of biological systems in general and the human being in particular.

The collages in the 24 boxes lined up in the Arts Centre gallery are an overview of more than 40 years of activity and highlight the go-forward principle of this prodigious artist, a pioneer in the use of digital technology in the visual arts. The ants, the brain, the globe, the interlacing and the branched filaments are shaped by computer, on a diversity of supports and creating each time a mental landscape. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer is immersed in an environment in which the moving images cover every available surface and generate sensations from the offshoots that evolve in all directions. The sequence of forms, simple at the beginning, becomes more and more complex as time goes by.


© Peter Kogler