Peste Fire - Hangs by a thread
An exhibition of Ana Adam

Borderline Artspace, Iași August 30-September 30, 2019

The solo exhibition of Ana Adam at the Borderline space in Iași is a snapshot of the artist's work as it has emerged in recent times.

The artist who lives and works in Timișoara was one of my strongest encounters of Life user’s manual, the Biennial of Contemporary Art, Timisoara 2017, of which I was one of the co-curators. The encounter with the artist is a matter of revelation. Her artistic creation obeys a melancholy desire: it is an aspiration towards what we miss and what we seek to fulfill. Her drawings are all fruitful, her talent is blossoming. Eros, in her feminine version, guides her and makes the catalyst of her work and the lever of her freedom. More than simple symbols of desire, the power of its features serve to sublimate desires constantly hidden in life.

The artist draws and invents processes, drawing by sewing, or soaps which function as wordy highlights by which she captures the emotion in the material form, to achieve and to make it arise at will. But whatever the sharpness with which a manner allows us to meet the real and to grasp it, there is an infinite interval between it and the full impact: it is in this very interval that art comes to bloom. Once realized, her work becomes a familiar yet unknown reality: what it gives us has the most open awareness, the finest and the most welcoming and the most penetrating intelligence.

Ami Barak


“I draw with pencils, India ink, pigments, threads, on or in paper or soap; sometimes I take photographs of states, relationships, the almost-invisible or the energy, the wake of actions. I am a character and a creator – it is a concentrated expression of how I find myself in art, shamanism, the new unifying theories of physics, transpersonal psychology and mysticism. I practice art as daily alchemy like the anonymous creations by children and women. When I believe in the sacred nature of matter, it can undergo transformations. It is free to change its structure and form. It can become art.” Ana Adam

The Romanian artist Ana Adam is the author of a remarkable creation. Her works reflect a melancholic desire distilled in universal themes. The soul is the trigger of the works, as well as the means to its freedom. More than mere symbols of desire, the powerful lines in Ana’s drawings serve the sublimation of the desires that are usually hidden in life. Her art suggests great, true humanity and this presentation is committed to revealing it. The artist renders emotion in a material form emerging without hesitation in the universe that becomes visible through drawings, objects or installations. Ana Adam, who lives and works in Timișoara, was one of the revelations of the 2017 Art Encounters Biennale Life – A User’s Manual.