Drawing is a witchcraft or the other way around
An exhibition of Ana Adam

Jecza Gallery, Timisoara May 15-July 14, 2020

©Ana Adam

Ana Adam's exhibition at the Jecza gallery in Timisoara was to be varnished today, Thursday April 2, 2020. In view of the current world situation, the exhibition is postponed to May 15, 2020.

In the meantime, Jecza gallery offers you an online tour of Ana's work.

Come have a look!

Drawing is a witchcraft or the other way round is Ana Adam's first solo exhibition with Jecza Gallery in Timisoara. A remarkable personality, the artist has lived and worked in this same city for a long time. Noticed during the 2017 edition of the Art Encounters Biennial "Life – user’s manual", she has since pursued an ascending career which only confirms an approach whose visual and conceptual qualities are highest. Ana Adam draws as she breathes to be reconciled with herself and the world around her. The fluidity and the tensions of the lines in Ana's drawings serve to sublimate the appetites usually restricted in social life, and the impact of these drawings develops a polyvalent and magical femininity. The artist captures the emotion under her vital pulses which emerge through the lines and color washes of the drawing.

The Intelligence concordance with masculinity is overcoming the mythological antagonism between the two sexes and leads to a rewriting of creation - men who give birth, women who express their desire through a multitude of organs and breast replication, the nature takes back its rights, the human is in constant cosmological metamorphosis. The present exhibition also includes sewn drawings which offer a variation of fungi which are assumed of hallucinogenic kind and their somatic, sensory, and emotional propensities are here of informal interweaving of mixed and unraveled threads.