Camil Mihăescu
Spinning around something that is myself and not

Cetate Synagogue Timisoara April 27-May 20, 2023

spirai 13©Camil Mihăescu

Camil Mihăescu has been studying for a long time the transcendence of the spiral, which mathematics describes as an infinite open curve, with a hypothetical origin and a path based on the golden number: an irrational number, the core of our existence, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The works exhibited in this place of worship, now partly dedicated to art and cultural events, are a redrafting of previous works with the help of a rather special partner, in this case artificial intelligence. In the infinite horizon of new technologies, artificial intelligence is the most ambitious and intriguing capture, the one that allows the artist, as he said, «to explore the relationship between the aesthetics produced by traditional drawing methods and the aesthetics generated by machine learning.»

Indeed, in this duet with AI, Camil Mihăescu achieves an impressive aesthetic punctuation and balanced sequencing of picture planes (the AI is based on rational binary numbers) that reveal or suggest ancient and ancestral symbols, contiguous on mystical research, as a result the AI is a learning machine, as we know, it is capable of correcting a path at a speed impossible for us humans. In the field of creation, of the invention of what did not exist before, in the hands of an artist, a poet, a musician, is AI only a tool, a brush for a painter, or an «intelligent» partner?

Its diffusion in everyday life represents the beginning of an important transition, even an anthropological one and the two entities, after all, the artist and the machine, share the Latin root Ars - Art in Latin, but between “art” and “artificial” there is a big difference. In any case, there are interests of such magnitude at stake that nothing can stop the technological research, the new powerhouse of History which is replacing the heavy industrial past. We, the humans, partake in this with the millions of users who, often unaware, share the profound changes as with a game.

Deus ex machina?

Human intelligence is a complex set of synapses and neuronal connections, certainly slower than A.I. but incomparable. Humans are composed of multiple Intelligences: bodily kinetic intelligence, musical intelligence, the ability to make appropriate and timely linguistic speculations even on a limited data base. As the Ancient Latins used to say «dictum sapienti sat est» (to the wise man a word is enough) which is our ability to make imaginative leaps, predict events, even anticipate them. Our software is emotional, we have a mysterious thing called the soul, which nurtures hopes, which fights, which falls in love. Our neurons are ductile: they simultaneously store memories, process visualizations, control the innumerable movements of the body, generate emotions, predisposing the organism to the act of love, even responding to certain ethical norms that form our self-awareness.

We have a sacred gift, the feelings, which are unquestionable. In these man-machine collaboration here exposed, the great Mystery, the ghost of creation appears, through the presence of mystical symbols, as if man and also the machine agree on the unknown origin of life and the necessity of knowledge, hoping that the machine does not consciously put itself in the place of it, at a certain moment, maybe it might be interesting to feed it with ethical morality, in the absence of emotional intelligence, just in case, history is full of ingenious inventions misused.

spirai_18_©Camil Mihăescu