65th Salon de Montrouge
Beffroi de Montrouge

October 22-October 31, 2021

Graphic design: Atelier Beaudelaire x GeneralPublic

After two successive reports due to the health crisis, the Salon de Montrouge will reopen its doors from October 22 to 31, 2021, to present its 65th anniversary edition.

Every year, the city of Montrouge celebrates art by welcoming young artists for its Salon. The event has become a high point for the contemporary art scene. This Spring 2021 offers a new chance to discover the bustling creativity of tomorrow’s talent. Thanks to the skills of a close-knit team – a talented scenographer, Vincent Le Bourdon, dedicated graphic designers, the Atelier Baudelaire and GeneralPublic, and an artistic direction working closely with the artists – the Salon de Montrouge has established its reputation by promoting the work of up-andcoming artists. 

For each edition, we form a committee comprised of leading figures on the contemporary art scene who select the candidates. It is fundamental that this selection should reflect multiple and knowledgeable viewpoints – we want to present young talent in all its diversity. 

The committee has distinguished itself by its excellent choices, led by high standards and a comprehensive vision. Taking into account the high quality of the contending works for this 65th edition, the committee has selected 50 artists – 29 women, 18 men and 3 collectives. Alongside artists born in France, the international selection testifies to the strong links that young artists from Brazil, Cameroon, China, Colombia, the Ivory Coast, Spain, the United States, Japan and Tunisia have forged with the French artistic field. 

Each artist collaborated with the artistic direction to design projects relevant to the context of this edition. The financial assistance brought to us by choice partners, committed to supporting emerging creation, enabled us to accompany the artists in producing original works for the Salon. A selection of authors contributes to the Salon’s history by writing the texts included in the catalogue. 

2021’s visual identity was designed by Atelier Baudelaire and GeneralPublic. Its 3D-inspired graphic design is constructed around this edition’s number – 65 – which, like in previous years, takes the form of a recurring cut-out paper mobile. 

Vincent Le Bourdon’s lavish scenography adapts to and welcomes the work of each artist through its use of modules. Through a play on diagonals, zigzags and openings, he immerses viewers into a cartography of contemporary creation, through a three-part reflection in which an ongoing dialogue takes place between artistic practices and the various themes they address. 

Tanoé Ackah - Louise Aleksiejew - Sharon Alfassi - Aude Anquetil - Théodora Barat - Camille Beauplan - Guillaume Bouisset - Reda Boussella - Pierre Unal-Brunet - Flora Citroën - Côme Clérino - comma - Anaïs Tohé-Commaret - Charlotte Denamur - Alexandra Devaux - Juliette Dominati - Ben Elliot - Yoann Estevenin - Lorraine Féline - Bertrand Flanet - Valentine Franc - Gaadjika - Hilary Galbreaith - Thomas Guillemet - Yuni Hong Charpe - Jeanne Kamptchouang - Hedi Ladjimi - Alice Louradour - Jordan Madlon - Lívia Melzi - Adrien Menu - Pierrick Mouton - Charlotte Nicoli - Célia Nkala - Pierre Pauze - Hatice Pinarbasi - Camila Rodríguez Triana - Araks Sahakyan Gasparyan & Ramón Rico Carpena - Segondurante - Maxence Stamatiadis - Ana Tamayo - Charlotte Vitaioli - Yuyan Wang - Gaspar Willmann - Takeshi Yasura - Yue Yuan - Mélanie Yvon - Julien Ziegler