64th Salon de Montrouge

Beffroi de Montrouge April 27-May 22, 2019

Graphic design: Atelier Baudelaire x GeneralPublic

Since 1955, over successive editions, the Salon de Montrouge has marked the city’s commitment to discovering generations of new talent. During this national event, Montrouge demonstrates its desire to offer young artists the opportunity and the means to meet the public and establish links with art professionals, gallery owners, art critics and collectors… All kinds of professional possibilities are explored: critical assistance, help with production, auction sales, exhibitions…Winners also take part in the travelling Jeune Création Européenne Biennial created by the City of Montrouge in 2000. Thanks to partnerships forged with a dozen European countries, new opportunities are being introduced for exchanges, encounters, and residency studios and workshops… As an integral part of the Montrouge heritage, the Salon shares its artistic message with a broad public, declaring the strong position and prominence of the city in relation to contemporary art. Every spring, Montrouge puts the spotlight on contemporary art and its emerging work. Through the Salon, which is renowned in France and abroad, new talents are revealed. For this 64th edition, the City strongly reaffirms its desire to support young artists by offering them the ideal setting and significant means to start their careers. As you know, contemporary art occupies a significant place in Montrouge as well as in the hearts and minds of its inhabitants. It has become an integral part of the municipality’s identity, as emphasised by our other cultural events, most notably Miniartextil and the Biennale de la Jeune Création Européenne, which will take place this autumn from 12 October to 3 November. Furthermore, there are now yearly exhibitions in municipal buildings, so that everyone can enjoy the works in the City’s collection. As a key event in the promotion of contemporary art, the Salon de Montrouge this year welcomes fifty-two artists, representing twelve different nationalities. They include Algeria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Colombia, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Romania, Senegal, Taiwan, the United States and, of course, France. This diverse range of sensibilities and approaches contributes to the richness of this event, which is being held in the emerging Greater Paris, a new horizon for the Francilian metropolis. Moreover, in partnership with the cnap (National Centre for Plastic Arts) and the Ateliers Médicis, photographs of young artists selected as part of the “Regards du Grand Paris” program will be previewed in the streets of Montrouge, with the public space transformed into an exhibition hall for passersby. We would like to welcome the partners joining our team: the Centre for Contemporary Art in Nanterre, La Terrasse, who will host one of the winners of the Prix des Hauts-de- Seine; Villa Belleville – Résidences Paris-Belleville, who will host three artists in their workshops; Parc Saint-Léger, in the Nièvre, who will open its “La Fabrique” residence to designers; and the Ricard Foundation for contemporary art, who are supporting the events happening alongside the show. For their loyalty, we would like to thank the Palais de Tokyo, the ADAGP (Association pour la diffusion des arts graphiques et plastiques), the association Les Amis des Beaux-Arts, Moly- Sabata, the l’association Françoise pour l’œuvre contemporaine, the Quotidien de l’Art, the Géant des Beaux-Arts, the Orange Rouge Association, Tribew et Wipart, and for their unwavering financial support: the Ministry of Culture, the Île-de-France Regional Council, the Hauts-de-Seine County Council as well as the Crédit agricole. With the help of the contemporary art professionals on the selection committee and on the jury, as well as the quality work of artistic directors Ami Barak and Marie Gautier, the Salon de Montrouge is able to take an in-depth look at contemporary creation. Until May 22nd, you will have the opportunity to discover the young talents that will become tomorrow’s stalwarts. With the Salon de Montrouge, we place our confidence in the future!

Ami Barak et Marie Gautier, artistic directors of the Salon

  • Maria Alcaide
  • Sabrina Belouaar
  • Aïda Bruyère
  • Pauline Lecerf
  • Ioanna Neophytou
  • Camila Salame
  • Chloé Serre
  • Mathilde Supe
  • Oussama Tabti
  • Camille Varenne
  • Flora Bouteille
  • François Dufeil
  • Camille Juthier
  • Raphaëlle Kerbrat
  • Charlotte Khouri
  • Quentin Blomet et Louise Mervelet
  • Aline Morvan
  • Antoine Palmier-Reynaud
  • Nefeli Papadimouli
  • Francis Raynaud
  • Alexandra Riss
  • Camille Sauer
  • Maxime Verdier
  • Zohreh Zavareh
  • Traian Cherecheș
  • Pauline Cordier
  • Eléonore Deshayes
  • François Noé-Fabre
  • Amandine Guruceaga
  • Arthur Hoffner
  • Ellande Jaureguiberry
  • Emmanuel Le Cerf
  • Rosanna Lefeuvre
  • Jean-Julien Ney
  • Madeleine Roger-Lacan
  • Maxime Testu
  • Floryan Varennes
  • Elsa Abderhamani
  • Charlie Aubry
  • Thomas Benard
  • Elvire Caillon
  • Rémi Duprat
  • Marie Glaize
  • Guillaume Mazauric
  • Eva Medin
  • Chrystèle Nicot
  • Han Ren
  • Yawen Shih
  • Adrien van Melle
  • Marine Wallon
  • Radouan Zeghidour